Cause I am Green


These are the stories of two people, very different people.
Well call them Chad and Shad.
They both went to the same school, since kids they grownt up together… they loved each other, just like lovely twins, normal people.
Chad lived with his mother, the father left after she got pregnant. They fought all the time “you never do nothing for the house!” “you dont love me” “you dont spend time with me!”. Of course, she worked all time to get money for their little house. No brothers, he was alone but Shad.
Shad lived with his father, the mother died after he was born. They fought all the time “you dont ever do anything for da house!” “you dont want me” “you never stay with me!”. Of course, he worked all time to get money for their little house. No brothers, he was alone but Chad.
They both were bullied at school, they had good marks though.
So they grownt up, they left their houses after university and started sharing a flat.
They were totally normal, they went out thrice a month and they both were working; Chad as a merchant and Shad as an engineer.
Chad got a girlfriend; at early age he decided to marry her, and so she accepted. Shad was very happy for him, “I really am” he sweared a couple times.
Although, Chad left that flat to go live with his new wife. Shad didnt think about it till that moment. When he noticed, he told Chad:
-Are you really leaving?
-Yes, i am, i love my wife, i got to go
-So, you leaving me? -asked Shad-
-Im sorry, dont look at it that way… we both have to go on with our lives
Shad didnt answer and left. He thought, he “realized”, he was being betrayed.
The next time they met, they didnt say hello, Shad just started:
-I always loved you, sacrificed lot of stuff just for you, and now you leave me… i just wanted you to be good with me, i thought we were friends…
-We are – answered Chad-
-I dont want us to be friends if its gonna be like that -and left-
They never saw each other again.

10 years passed, still think they are similar?
Chad had his family, a wife and two kids, still working as a merchant. He remembered EVERY day Shad, how he loved him, how he wanted him, and how hed like to see him again. But then he smiled; “he is a very good person, i hope hes ok”. Chad was HAPPY.
Shad, by his way, was alone… he had his old job, and friends of course, but never someone as Chad, he thought “Why to trust people if then they betray you”. Every day he remembered Chad, how he loved him, how he wanted him, how hed like to see him again. And then he remembered: “this is my fault, but i hate him”. Shad was UNHAPPY.

We dont choose our lifes, but we choose how to live it.


Fairy tales?

She couldnt hang with it anymore, it was just too annoying for her. Sure, no one would like living a life thats so hateful, but if we are unlucky, well just go on. She decided to run away, to run away without leave home. Of course, its hour home for her, shell find hers by her own.
So thats what she did, left the place and went through the forest in front of her. She found a door, she didnt doubt to take it. At the other side, everything changed, it was all she ever wanted.
She first saw plants and trees, but nearly she found catched butterflies and catched fairies. She didnt really notice anyway, she just left them free and stared at them magicaly.
She couldnt be more distracted; she just continued.
Then she saw more life, she couldnt see how dead was that place, though.
Gnomes, fairies, wolves, witches, butterflies, mushrooms, big trees, clear sky; thats all she could see. Then she thought a gnome wanted her to play, so she started running. The gnome wasnt really doing that…
Then she saw the castle, a beautiful place for her, went in. All surrounded by mirrors and precious carved stone walls, there wasnt too much to watch, it was kinda dark. Just then she could realize how wrong was she, cz of the mirrors, wich just show real. The air mirrors showed her all; the wolves were trying to eat her, the witch to poison her, the gnome to catch her just like the fairies and butterflies. Everything went grey for her.
That “Magical World” -as she was thinking of it like- went to awful in a matter of seconds, the sky wanted to cry, and did. She started to run, just run, while she watched everything as it really was; ugly, terrorific, not too many words to name it, just awful. Luckily for her, she scaped, she got to the door and get out the forest.
Clearly, if it was real she couldnt have survived, shed just been eaten by her friend the fast wolf. But it was all her creation, so everything there did as she wanted it to do. She couldnt make unreal to real, as some of us might, she totally fails.
After that she decided she wanted her tragic life, over an uncharted Fairy Tale.

Meanhile in the Deathplace

-Did you notice i wasnt there?
-No, werent u?
Both looked awful, everyone theres starring at them, they werent lucky at all.
-Im so sorry… there was no need to tell me that.
-But i wanted to…
Everyone knew what happened, everyone could see it in their sorry eyes. Although, they could not feel the cold air, they could not feel what was behind their backs, they were too concentrated. They could not see it coming…
-I am not good at goodbyes
-I always knew that
At that moment people could see he just wanted to phunk his dagger right straight in his eyes. Once again, those 2 people have made it. But theres still more to come. Someone was looking from above.
-Each tear you fake makes it easier to see straight through you
-Each step you take makes it easier to fall from somewhere above…
Everyone looked up, uselessly though, there was a light too shiny. The place wasnt just cold, it was dark, but full. If u were there you might have felt like if behind the last one there was a wall, but there was something else.
-(Points down) I aint moving from here, sry
– No matter, i have everything under patrol.
They couldnt be sure of what was altruistic anymore. They realized it wasnt a competition but there was already a winner
-I always thought it was too serious
-No doubt
Now the whole place was getting warm everyone there was specting. Both of them looked arround, looked at the static eyes arround.
At the next second everyone but those two were beheaded on the floor, the show got to the end succesfully for those 2.
-Thats why we dont come to places like this anymore, right?
-Yeah, we could get hurt; we did our quests though.

Five stars

I use to watch movies everytime, i like to watch other points of view, the way the director watches a fact and shows it to the rest of the world. I am not, n i wont be an expert about it xD but i can tell you my favs movies ;3

The curious case of Benjamin Button
tells the story of Benjamin(Brad Pitt), a man is born with the body of a 80 years old person, and he rejuvenates along the time.
The whole movie is a racconto, an old woman called Daisy(also part of the story) before dying asks her daughter to read her a diary, Benjamins diary, and there we go to the time when he was born(he could remember cz he was a grannie xP). A lot of people could think the movies sooo boring cz its a bit slow(k i admit, its very slow) but i just love the story and the way he watches people leave, people he loved, and he keeps alive and blueless.
This movie makes you think of “how would itve been if” or “ill enjoy life from now on” and stuff. This is my favourtie movie ever :3

El laberinto del fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth)
The most famous spanish movie =O.
It tells the story of Ofelia, a lil girl who likes fantasy books; and actually he has her own fairy tale, a pan tells her that shes a princess and that she needs to do some quests so they know she still has the magic. The only problems are her stepfather, a cruel captain of a band of the civil war in Spain, and her mother, that tells her that fairies dont exist x3.
Although, she anyways starts to do the quests and at the end… you should watch it xP
I love the way that fairy tales, horror, suspense, and blood are mixed in one screen. The story would be unique if it wouldnt remember me the Grimm brothers xP

El Orfanato (The Orphan)
Laura is a woman that comes back with her family to the orphan where she grown trying to fix it and open a residence for down syndrome children. Once in the place, the litle Simón, Lauras adoptive son and that has VIH, starts to follow some weird games that make her mother get worried, and that soon will stop being fun to get in a threat. While Laura and her husband Carlos, make the old orphan in the house to receive the problematic children, a weird events serie that afect her and her family, specially the dissapearing os Simón, make her search for clues in the past of the building that some time was her home when she was a girl to try to explain everything thats happening; unfortunatly, the places story is more dramatic and more macabre that Laura thought.

Its the only science fiction movie i loved.
Yeah i know the effects are cool, people flyring this and that way, jumping arround with bows and guns etc.
But what i like the most is that The Earth and Pandora are faced;
Pandora, like an utopic place for me, the Na’vis take care of their world, and connect with him, they are one with it.
And the Earth, stupid people trying to get money.
The Na’vis were happy until the “sky ones” came to destroy their home, just to take a kind of metal very expensive in the Earth.
Avatars are the bodies that look like the Na’vis but are managed for humans. Just watch it, you wont regret o.o

Any opinions or critics to what i said are welcome~~

PD: Happy birthday to Diego! the only one whos posted here xP

Oh! These are my ~Friends~!

One of them remembered me id do this xP
Ill surely write a lot about them, cz, u know, they are my life(i mean, they are always arround me xP) ;3

No rathering; just a kind of order so the groups dont mix up o.o

Close not always seen:
Alejandra:  She has no internet D: but she lives kinda near. I spend LOTS of time with her, but in her house; she doesnt like meeting people, getting out… so i always go to her house o.o so funny girl ^^ sadly she wont read this D: but i looooov her. Always cheering up, if im bored she always finds a way to make me laugh out loud xD
Francisco: He uses to be there too, i mean, in Ales house, its we 3 all the time… i mean its not much time, when we r in school we just see thrice a month, but these days we always meet =D I also go out with him and other friends… friends not close enough to put here o.o. Oh forgot it, he doesnt have inet either

Close time (always seen)/school:
Lorenzo: The close friend ive had for more time since i remember o.o 3 years a lot for a 14 years teenager… think so(?). Passed for bunches of things. What can i say? Hes so diff from the rest, so from me(dude thats really rare, couldnt find another like him), n i love that ;D. i sometimes hate the way he throws life down into tears, but i think that wont change so i got used to it already. We dont talk too much, but 5 meters distance are enough to get me happy.         I.l.y. ❤
Cesar:  He wont read this .-. … at least i think. Sooo funny, intelligent, i like so much the way he sees everything(that doesnt mean he is optimistic at all), interesting thoughts, i like spending time with him, hes my bad things partner, well suicide together when we r old xD. Oh btw hes so creepy xDDDD
John: So supportive, clean mind(yah sure). Gotta say this: hes the parapara guy!!! (pwned!) xDD he was otaku, but now hes a normal guy that likes fugly music :3. If we go out, hell be there. So careful, ey bitch! ❤
Pacha: Ok, he REALLY has a clean mind, sucha funny baby xDD unfortunatly he wont go anywhere but his house ¬¬. Too clean minded for an evil person xP. Hes another bad things partner xD
Oscar: So boring!!! xD but cultured (i). If a dude appears we know who to ask =O. i hate the way he says things xD so sarcastic. but anyways important and needed =). worked like a link between us when not all of us were so united(i mean… not united… well, theyll know what i talk about xP)
Cristian: we dont fit that much but i think we still care for each other a lot, at least with me, so good intentioned xD
Felipe: not rly my friend anymore… but i think he should be listed here, he has been part of my life, wanted or not. and he will still be part of my life for a long time… loved him in those times though.
This is MY group, although they(k, sometimes we) fight all the time, hate words this way, hate words that way, these people are MY people.

These people, are my life, i couldnt be me without them. These people, are the people i love the most, i need the most, i care the most.
There is also more people, more friends, more important people, people i wont name cz im so tired of writing xD dude im new to this!

I promess i wont use to write so much personal things, but i needed to do this cz ill surely name them a lot xD

I think thats all, no picture this time, theres no image for the situation.
Please feel free to comment ^^