Cause I am Green

Just another day

I wont use to write about what i did in the whole day, but something happened… something pretty kewl xD
Today, we all(most of my friends…. i mean close-friends, ill write bout them another day) were supposed to meet in La Moneda cz Oscar was leaving the city in wednesday. But for those life stuff (likes) 3 people didnt go, so only Cesar, Cristian, John n me got there .-. . So we went to my house to waste a bit of time, and then went to Johns house(we originally were going there). We played stepmania most of the day xD. By the way his mom n dad are rly nice =O but his brother should die <3.
So the time to leave came, n we left. In the way to the bus i almost died =D:
We were walking to the street, we had to cross it… i still dont know why, but i only saw to my right side, i couldnt notice a van was coming pretty fast from the left >,<. I was just walking, my 3 friends were 1 meter back to me, n when i already was in the mid of the street i realized all that was happening; felt a car in my left, saw the lights in the street, heard Cristian screaming “Cuidadooo!!!”[careful]… I stopped walking, the van avoided me, stepped back to my friends, saw their faces, and laughed. Even they were more shocked than me xD
After that we thought about what would it be of us in that moment if the van would have crushed me… so funny ways of flying through the air xD n the ambulance stuff xDDD
But those thoughts made me realize i love them and they love me <3.

After that everything went normal and we safely got home xD no one died *sight*
Stuff like that should happen more often, they make people see things that they didnt see =)
I think thats all by now, here a photo of us 4 today…  its very blurred but its the only one where we all 4 look nice xP


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  1. * Diego says:

    o.O !
    Esas cosas no deberian mas a menudo ¬¬ Lo que si deberia pasar mas seguido es escuchar a Paris Hilton en una entrevista inteligente, o por lo menos tratando de serlo… Esas si son cosas de competencia internacional !

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 5 months ago
  2. * CzImGreen says:

    dude es divertido ser casi atropellado xD les recomiendo la sensacion a todos ❤

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 5 months ago
  3. * Diego says:

    Hay cosas mas divertidas que hacer sin poner tu vida en peligro ;D (No niego que la sensacion de ser casi un muerto no sea adrenalinica… Esperame me voy a tirar por la ventana). Amm… Creo que me volvere el unico que te lee ¬¬, creo que tambien me volvere el unico que te comente D; Creo que tambien me volvere el primero en dejar de leerte ._. Bueno si quieres sentirte bien contigo mismo y hacer sentir mas a los demas… Comenta su ropa! Me parece que eso solo funciona conmigo, porque se como vestirme… (Estoy tratando de insultar a los demas ;D !) Hoy vi a una anciana 90º ——> Plz say I’m a bitch

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 5 months ago
    • * CzImGreen says:

      xDDD dude no eres el unico q lee! 12/01: 0 views xD, 13/01:18 views, 14/01 12 views …. PWNT xD
      pero supongo q si seras el unico q comenta xD

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 5 months ago

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