Cause I am Green

Oh! These are my ~Friends~!

One of them remembered me id do this xP
Ill surely write a lot about them, cz, u know, they are my life(i mean, they are always arround me xP) ;3

No rathering; just a kind of order so the groups dont mix up o.o

Close not always seen:
Alejandra:  She has no internet D: but she lives kinda near. I spend LOTS of time with her, but in her house; she doesnt like meeting people, getting out… so i always go to her house o.o so funny girl ^^ sadly she wont read this D: but i looooov her. Always cheering up, if im bored she always finds a way to make me laugh out loud xD
Francisco: He uses to be there too, i mean, in Ales house, its we 3 all the time… i mean its not much time, when we r in school we just see thrice a month, but these days we always meet =D I also go out with him and other friends… friends not close enough to put here o.o. Oh forgot it, he doesnt have inet either

Close time (always seen)/school:
Lorenzo: The close friend ive had for more time since i remember o.o 3 years a lot for a 14 years teenager… think so(?). Passed for bunches of things. What can i say? Hes so diff from the rest, so from me(dude thats really rare, couldnt find another like him), n i love that ;D. i sometimes hate the way he throws life down into tears, but i think that wont change so i got used to it already. We dont talk too much, but 5 meters distance are enough to get me happy.         I.l.y. ❤
Cesar:  He wont read this .-. … at least i think. Sooo funny, intelligent, i like so much the way he sees everything(that doesnt mean he is optimistic at all), interesting thoughts, i like spending time with him, hes my bad things partner, well suicide together when we r old xD. Oh btw hes so creepy xDDDD
John: So supportive, clean mind(yah sure). Gotta say this: hes the parapara guy!!! (pwned!) xDD he was otaku, but now hes a normal guy that likes fugly music :3. If we go out, hell be there. So careful, ey bitch! ❤
Pacha: Ok, he REALLY has a clean mind, sucha funny baby xDD unfortunatly he wont go anywhere but his house ¬¬. Too clean minded for an evil person xP. Hes another bad things partner xD
Oscar: So boring!!! xD but cultured (i). If a dude appears we know who to ask =O. i hate the way he says things xD so sarcastic. but anyways important and needed =). worked like a link between us when not all of us were so united(i mean… not united… well, theyll know what i talk about xP)
Cristian: we dont fit that much but i think we still care for each other a lot, at least with me, so good intentioned xD
Felipe: not rly my friend anymore… but i think he should be listed here, he has been part of my life, wanted or not. and he will still be part of my life for a long time… loved him in those times though.
This is MY group, although they(k, sometimes we) fight all the time, hate words this way, hate words that way, these people are MY people.

These people, are my life, i couldnt be me without them. These people, are the people i love the most, i need the most, i care the most.
There is also more people, more friends, more important people, people i wont name cz im so tired of writing xD dude im new to this!

I promess i wont use to write so much personal things, but i needed to do this cz ill surely name them a lot xD

I think thats all, no picture this time, theres no image for the situation.
Please feel free to comment ^^


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  1. * Diego says:

    How should I start? I already Know… I’m so smart *^^* (But wre not talking bout me… Ppl should talk bout me more often ¬¬) Iba a tratar de escribir en al menos tres idiomas, pero me acorde que solo se español e ingles, y creo que no los domino muy bien… Ademas no creo que cuenta saber hablar en jerigonza. De que iba a hablar al principio? A si! Ya recorde ;D La proxima vez deberias hacer una lista con las cosas que te gusta hacer o mejor! Habla de las cosas que NO te gusta hacer, es mas divertido compartir lo que odias con la gente xD!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 5 months ago
    • * CzImGreen says:

      si… ya tengo un tipo de lista no escrita de cosas q escribire ó.ò

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 5 months ago
  2. * oscar cornejo says:

    i will compensate you for so bored that i’ve been , i’m sorry but i apreciate so much that you say about me

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 4 months ago

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