Cause I am Green

Five stars

I use to watch movies everytime, i like to watch other points of view, the way the director watches a fact and shows it to the rest of the world. I am not, n i wont be an expert about it xD but i can tell you my favs movies ;3

The curious case of Benjamin Button
tells the story of Benjamin(Brad Pitt), a man is born with the body of a 80 years old person, and he rejuvenates along the time.
The whole movie is a racconto, an old woman called Daisy(also part of the story) before dying asks her daughter to read her a diary, Benjamins diary, and there we go to the time when he was born(he could remember cz he was a grannie xP). A lot of people could think the movies sooo boring cz its a bit slow(k i admit, its very slow) but i just love the story and the way he watches people leave, people he loved, and he keeps alive and blueless.
This movie makes you think of “how would itve been if” or “ill enjoy life from now on” and stuff. This is my favourtie movie ever :3

El laberinto del fauno (Pan’s Labyrinth)
The most famous spanish movie =O.
It tells the story of Ofelia, a lil girl who likes fantasy books; and actually he has her own fairy tale, a pan tells her that shes a princess and that she needs to do some quests so they know she still has the magic. The only problems are her stepfather, a cruel captain of a band of the civil war in Spain, and her mother, that tells her that fairies dont exist x3.
Although, she anyways starts to do the quests and at the end… you should watch it xP
I love the way that fairy tales, horror, suspense, and blood are mixed in one screen. The story would be unique if it wouldnt remember me the Grimm brothers xP

El Orfanato (The Orphan)
Laura is a woman that comes back with her family to the orphan where she grown trying to fix it and open a residence for down syndrome children. Once in the place, the litle Simón, Lauras adoptive son and that has VIH, starts to follow some weird games that make her mother get worried, and that soon will stop being fun to get in a threat. While Laura and her husband Carlos, make the old orphan in the house to receive the problematic children, a weird events serie that afect her and her family, specially the dissapearing os Simón, make her search for clues in the past of the building that some time was her home when she was a girl to try to explain everything thats happening; unfortunatly, the places story is more dramatic and more macabre that Laura thought.

Its the only science fiction movie i loved.
Yeah i know the effects are cool, people flyring this and that way, jumping arround with bows and guns etc.
But what i like the most is that The Earth and Pandora are faced;
Pandora, like an utopic place for me, the Na’vis take care of their world, and connect with him, they are one with it.
And the Earth, stupid people trying to get money.
The Na’vis were happy until the “sky ones” came to destroy their home, just to take a kind of metal very expensive in the Earth.
Avatars are the bodies that look like the Na’vis but are managed for humans. Just watch it, you wont regret o.o

Any opinions or critics to what i said are welcome~~

PD: Happy birthday to Diego! the only one whos posted here xP


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    is a very good comment, your views are very good and fully share it

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