Cause I am Green

Meanhile in the Deathplace

-Did you notice i wasnt there?
-No, werent u?
Both looked awful, everyone theres starring at them, they werent lucky at all.
-Im so sorry… there was no need to tell me that.
-But i wanted to…
Everyone knew what happened, everyone could see it in their sorry eyes. Although, they could not feel the cold air, they could not feel what was behind their backs, they were too concentrated. They could not see it coming…
-I am not good at goodbyes
-I always knew that
At that moment people could see he just wanted to phunk his dagger right straight in his eyes. Once again, those 2 people have made it. But theres still more to come. Someone was looking from above.
-Each tear you fake makes it easier to see straight through you
-Each step you take makes it easier to fall from somewhere above…
Everyone looked up, uselessly though, there was a light too shiny. The place wasnt just cold, it was dark, but full. If u were there you might have felt like if behind the last one there was a wall, but there was something else.
-(Points down) I aint moving from here, sry
– No matter, i have everything under patrol.
They couldnt be sure of what was altruistic anymore. They realized it wasnt a competition but there was already a winner
-I always thought it was too serious
-No doubt
Now the whole place was getting warm everyone there was specting. Both of them looked arround, looked at the static eyes arround.
At the next second everyone but those two were beheaded on the floor, the show got to the end succesfully for those 2.
-Thats why we dont come to places like this anymore, right?
-Yeah, we could get hurt; we did our quests though.


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