Cause I am Green

Fairy tales?

She couldnt hang with it anymore, it was just too annoying for her. Sure, no one would like living a life thats so hateful, but if we are unlucky, well just go on. She decided to run away, to run away without leave home. Of course, its hour home for her, shell find hers by her own.
So thats what she did, left the place and went through the forest in front of her. She found a door, she didnt doubt to take it. At the other side, everything changed, it was all she ever wanted.
She first saw plants and trees, but nearly she found catched butterflies and catched fairies. She didnt really notice anyway, she just left them free and stared at them magicaly.
She couldnt be more distracted; she just continued.
Then she saw more life, she couldnt see how dead was that place, though.
Gnomes, fairies, wolves, witches, butterflies, mushrooms, big trees, clear sky; thats all she could see. Then she thought a gnome wanted her to play, so she started running. The gnome wasnt really doing that…
Then she saw the castle, a beautiful place for her, went in. All surrounded by mirrors and precious carved stone walls, there wasnt too much to watch, it was kinda dark. Just then she could realize how wrong was she, cz of the mirrors, wich just show real. The air mirrors showed her all; the wolves were trying to eat her, the witch to poison her, the gnome to catch her just like the fairies and butterflies. Everything went grey for her.
That “Magical World” -as she was thinking of it like- went to awful in a matter of seconds, the sky wanted to cry, and did. She started to run, just run, while she watched everything as it really was; ugly, terrorific, not too many words to name it, just awful. Luckily for her, she scaped, she got to the door and get out the forest.
Clearly, if it was real she couldnt have survived, shed just been eaten by her friend the fast wolf. But it was all her creation, so everything there did as she wanted it to do. She couldnt make unreal to real, as some of us might, she totally fails.
After that she decided she wanted her tragic life, over an uncharted Fairy Tale.


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