Cause I am Green

Its just normal!

I was sitting in the middle of the street all nasty, confused with the advertisement there; the mothes, because of the lights wouldnt let me see those big cartels(Of course there was day light, i wouldnt be in the middle of the street at midnight all alone)
A moth came to me and said ” Be careful Alexander! a car is coming!”. Obviously i was sorprised; i didnt feel the car behind me but it was!
The car yelled me if i could move; me sorprised again, cars use to just crush people.
I moved, wanted to stand up but i couldnt.
The moth:
-Hey, Im Julie, the moth
-Hello… im really confused, how did you know my name?
-Are you crazy or what? you screamed “Alexander” when you were coiled up in the street
-Im sorry…
-Its ok, but you gotta do me a favor -Once again im surprised, what could i do for a moth?- Please, kill me.
And just then i realized i took too many pills; Mothes wont EVER ask you to kill them


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