Cause I am Green

I almost died again!

Once I wanted to go out, but i had no one to go with, so i decided to spend some time and money by my own, and go for an ice cream. By those times i was inlove with raspberries(Yeah, i still am… how couldnt i if they r so delicious?) so i just went for that *.*
I get to the ice cream shop and i saw a couple girls with pineapple ice cream, they were laughing… looked so happy. There was an old woman with a boy that could be her grandson. ‘oh… then two pineapple ice creams please!’ -told the grannie to the ice cream maker-
I looked arround and i noticed that everyone had a pineapple ice cream!!! Obviously there was only pineapple ice cream. I really wanted raspberry…
So i went nearby the seller..
-Can i help you?
-Ye, do you have raspberry ice cream? -asked hopelessly
-Yes… Shall i give you one?
-Vanilla? Lucuma?
-Yes. We have all the common ones, even more.
I get chills. I realize one of the teenagers turned her face to me, but shes not laughing anymore. The grannies looking at me as if time stopped. Then i noticed everyone was in silence.
-Orange…. Pistaccio?
-Also those…. whatever you want…
-Then… I want a pineapple ice cream!
Sights all arround, everything went normal.
I know i did good, maybe if i asked for my raspberry ice cream i wouldnt be here writing this…


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  1. * rayén! says:

    hola! ya yo igual te pondré , xd es mejor blogspot :B pero este es en inglés o: ! perfecto para tí supongo ;D bno, adios (:

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 3 months ago

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