Cause I am Green

Alone in an island?

Yesterday i was suposed to get an island for you to go and stay alone by yourself.
But i didnt, im not sure why.
Maybe i dont really want you to leave… should i? You keep telling me i should, but he denies it and she refuses.
Maybe i want u to leave, but i love them more than i hate u… but if we are logical that should make me not hate u. Wheres ur logic anywayz? Who do YOU need?
Maybe i dont care, but i want to believe i want u to leave. Maybe i want u to suffer, cz thats what u want, dont yah? u keep asking for it, u keep making ppl stay away from u.
Maybe i care too much, maybe i shouldnt be complaining and i shouldnt even think about… well… hating u.
Maybe i need someone to support me, to tell me what im doings fine, that they want me to do it.
Maybe i need someone to tell me im wrong, i can make mistakes, cant i?
Maybe i just cant afford the island. Or maybe im jealous cz u will have one and i wont.


Sam’s Story Final Part

Everything went worse, a couple adopted Lucy. Lucy didnt love them, she wanted her dad.
But Sam already gave up, he didnt want to fight anymore, it was too much for him, it was enough. He closed him self on his department and made a HUGE wall of paper in the middle of the living room. He always had been pro with the paper, origami like. Lucy knew it, she liked it, she loved the figures her father made.
Rita went to see Sam, as a friend, her only real friend.
-I dont want to fight anymore, im tired
-Cmon Sam! u cant give up! there is a chance…. u can have Lucy back, u cant give up yet
-People like you dont understand how hard it is! it is so hard, so sad how people laugh at you just cz u r different, people like you will never know! You are too busy being perfect!
She couldnt answer… he wast right but there was no answer for that. But Rita broke up the paper wall, and looked him in the eyes. Sam, watching those pacified eyes, decided to go on.
He bought a house near Lucy was living, a very nice place btw.
They started meeting… but Phoebe, Lucys adopting mother didnt like that, and she told it to Sam everytime she saw him.
But Lucy started to scape in the nights. When she thought it was late enough, she jumped out through the window and went to her fathers house, and got in by the window that took to his bedroom. The first night Sam was so sorprised, happy, but sorprised and worried. He talked to her a while, played for some time, and as she fell sleep, he took her to her house. No answer by Phoebe, she just said “Thanks”.
Night after night, always the same, Lucy couldnt pass a night without her dad.
But one day Phoebe put bars on the window. That night Lucy went through the door, but she didnt know Phoebe was waiting there for her:
-Trust me Lucy, if u want to see ur father u can tell me, u wont stop seeing me
-Can we talk about it?
-Alright -And Lucy left Phoebe alone, she went to her bedroom-
But the next night Lucy left by another window, so the bars didnt work. Not the same though, that night when Sam was going to get Lucy to her home, he found Phoebe in the way.
-I-i was taking Lucy to your house
-I know Sam, thank you.
-You know that i think u will be a good mommy, and i think Lucy loves you and wants yah as her mommy
(Phoebe, learnt to love Lucy, she wanted her as her own daughter) So with tear in her eyes she answered:
-But i think u could be a better father than me, Lucy wants you and needs you, and you need her too. So i took a decision, ill be there with you at the judgement
-I-im not sure of what that means. U r going to be with me? non against me? with me?
-Yes Sam, Ill testify for you -Said Phoebe with her eyes full of tears-
-Thank you Phoebe! i really thank you a lot!
So that day Rita came and had a pretty long conversation with Phoebe and Sam, preparing for the judgement.
And everything went perfect! They won! Finally Sam and Lucy could be together!. Rita and Phoebe were now big friends of Sam, helping him and Lucy in every ways. We can say this is a happy ending =).
Next thing you know, Sams working as a referee at the mini stadium where Lucy plays soccer twice a week. Every time Lucy made a goal, Sam went crazy, you could see in his eyes that he was the proudest man in earth.-

Im sorry for taking more than half month for finishing this, i just had… better stuff to do?

PD: I am Sam

Sam’s Story Part Two

Lucy’s school knew what was happening, she was stepping back, and just cz she wanted to. So social services decided it was better for the girl to take her away from her father… so they did.
She didnt want to, she loved her father just as he loved her. He tried to get the BEST lawyer in the newspaper, thinking he could afford him… her*. Her name was Rita, she was the common lawyer, that always wins his cases, works 15 hours a day and cant enjoy the life nor his family. The people in her office thought she was avaricious, and Rita didnt like that, so to sorprise her office partners, she took Sams case for free.
He tried so hard, he got a lot of jobs, he tried to get testifyers, he earnt the most money he could, and talked with Rita about what he should say.
But he couldnt lie, a 7 years old kid like him couldnt lie, he just didnt want to.
In front of the judge… there are no words to describe it, they just lost, there was no way they could think a 7 years old man could take care of her…
So the judge put Lucy in a place where people can go and get the children, i think u may call it adopt. Sam had visits… so one day he went to see Lucy, and when the visit time was ending, Lucy told the woman that was taking care of her that she wanted to go to the bathroom, she scaped from there and went with her daddy to tell him to scape
-When she saw me cry she thought that this wasnt time enough, so she let us go to the park! -said Lucy to her father-
-What made her change her mind!? im so happy!
So they left the place and took a bus. When they were near the park Lucy told him to go further…
-I know a friend who was in the same place that me, he didnt see her mother 6 months later after being adopted, and i wanna be with you! i dont want that to happen to me!, lets change our names, go to a new city, make a new life!
-Lucy, thats lying, lying is bad…
So they went further, they didnt even know where. That night they slept at the park, but a police found them, and took them to the police station.
The next day Rita came to the police station;
-How could you kidnap ur daughter! now they wont give her back to you! its over!
-Bu, but i….
-You had no reason to do it!

To be Continued
PD: I am Sam

Sam’s Story, Part One

Hmm… Sam was, in no other words, retarded, he had the mentality of a 7 years old kid. He was sorta like 30-35 phisically, so he could live alone somehow, and take care of him self. But one day a bitch had no where to go, so he received her in his department, and, as i said, she was a bitch, so she kinda… fucked him. She lived with him 9 months, he was so happy he was going to be a father, but she was not… So the day they had it…. her*. Sam called her Lucy, Lucy Dawson. The mother wasnt so interested…. in fact, once they got out the hospital, she ran away letting him alone with Lucy.
So he took care of her, it was so, so hard…but he couldnt realize it was. So she grown up, when she was five she was so happy, it was like the most perfect daddy ever!. Once, when he went to buy shoes for her, they went with his retarded friends… so she picked a pair of shoes, they were of a shiny pink, just like a princess. At the moment of paying, he realized he didnt have any money… his friends tried to help him… 1 dollar… plus 2 dollars, plus 75 cents… could he afford the shoes? he hoped so. The shoe seller saw the 7.30 dollars they made total, when the shoes were 14.50.
-Is it enough? -asked Sam hopely-
-… Yes it is- said the shoe seller watching the face of the girl about to cry, she knew what was happening-
-So we can get the free balloons?- asked his friend Joe- or is it just for the girl?
-Yes, you can get the balloons too.
So they left happily the shop with their balloons.
So when she reached 6 years, after making her school friends, everyone laughed at her dad, she was so shamed about that, she was the daughter of a retarded, and no one could deny it.
Once she was 7 years old, she was already more intelligent that his father. Her teacher realized she refused to learn more, she didnt want to know more than her father. She had to read a book, she asked her father to help her reading, she could do it by her self though. Watching how his father couldnt read the word ‘Different’, he was just unable to read it, she just, didnt read it. Her father could be the same old as her, but he knew what was happening, he knew she could read that word, obviously, she was so pro!. He told her to read it, she refused. He yelled her to do it, she refused again.
-Lucy i know you can read it, u r smart enough!
-I cant dad, i just cant read it
-I dont want to read it if u cant…-answered with her choke back tears in the eyes-
-Lucy, i want you to do it cz it makes me happy, im so happy u can do stuff i cant, im so glad u can grow up…
-‘And when the cats knew about it, they asked how could they be so Different, looking so the same’ – she readed-

To be continued…
PD: I am Sam

I Hate spiders

I know that i always have, maybe my cousin gave me this kind of fobia to them(She lived with me and everytime a spider appeared she screamed!). I dont know why i hate them though, i dont know if its the fact that some of them are poisoning, or the fact that they are ugly, or cz they have 8 legs, or cz they are black and bite.
So just then i realized how much i hated things and i didnt know why; spiders( .-.), meat(i got to eat it anywayz, if i dont id die cz of starving ¬¬), doves(i know some people might think they are cute… but they ARE NOT, THEY ARE DISGUSTING), short hair, the blue color….
Is it normal? i know its common… but should i hate these kind of things? Is it right?
But then i thought, it is! i just DONT like them, isnt that a strong enough reason?.
I dont need a reason to like stuff, to be happy, i dnt need a reason to dislike things i think are disgusting.