Cause I am Green

I Hate spiders

I know that i always have, maybe my cousin gave me this kind of fobia to them(She lived with me and everytime a spider appeared she screamed!). I dont know why i hate them though, i dont know if its the fact that some of them are poisoning, or the fact that they are ugly, or cz they have 8 legs, or cz they are black and bite.
So just then i realized how much i hated things and i didnt know why; spiders( .-.), meat(i got to eat it anywayz, if i dont id die cz of starving ¬¬), doves(i know some people might think they are cute… but they ARE NOT, THEY ARE DISGUSTING), short hair, the blue color….
Is it normal? i know its common… but should i hate these kind of things? Is it right?
But then i thought, it is! i just DONT like them, isnt that a strong enough reason?.
I dont need a reason to like stuff, to be happy, i dnt need a reason to dislike things i think are disgusting.


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