Cause I am Green

Sam’s Story Part Two

Lucy’s school knew what was happening, she was stepping back, and just cz she wanted to. So social services decided it was better for the girl to take her away from her father… so they did.
She didnt want to, she loved her father just as he loved her. He tried to get the BEST lawyer in the newspaper, thinking he could afford him… her*. Her name was Rita, she was the common lawyer, that always wins his cases, works 15 hours a day and cant enjoy the life nor his family. The people in her office thought she was avaricious, and Rita didnt like that, so to sorprise her office partners, she took Sams case for free.
He tried so hard, he got a lot of jobs, he tried to get testifyers, he earnt the most money he could, and talked with Rita about what he should say.
But he couldnt lie, a 7 years old kid like him couldnt lie, he just didnt want to.
In front of the judge… there are no words to describe it, they just lost, there was no way they could think a 7 years old man could take care of her…
So the judge put Lucy in a place where people can go and get the children, i think u may call it adopt. Sam had visits… so one day he went to see Lucy, and when the visit time was ending, Lucy told the woman that was taking care of her that she wanted to go to the bathroom, she scaped from there and went with her daddy to tell him to scape
-When she saw me cry she thought that this wasnt time enough, so she let us go to the park! -said Lucy to her father-
-What made her change her mind!? im so happy!
So they left the place and took a bus. When they were near the park Lucy told him to go further…
-I know a friend who was in the same place that me, he didnt see her mother 6 months later after being adopted, and i wanna be with you! i dont want that to happen to me!, lets change our names, go to a new city, make a new life!
-Lucy, thats lying, lying is bad…
So they went further, they didnt even know where. That night they slept at the park, but a police found them, and took them to the police station.
The next day Rita came to the police station;
-How could you kidnap ur daughter! now they wont give her back to you! its over!
-Bu, but i….
-You had no reason to do it!

To be Continued
PD: I am Sam


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  1. * Diego says:

    Im sure Sam will diee! Try to make it tragic o.o… Like: He was walking down street when suddenly he’s crushed by a… Submarine? I dunno if its posibble, then he can reborn in a carrot ;D

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 3 months ago

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