Cause I am Green

Alone in an island?

Yesterday i was suposed to get an island for you to go and stay alone by yourself.
But i didnt, im not sure why.
Maybe i dont really want you to leave… should i? You keep telling me i should, but he denies it and she refuses.
Maybe i want u to leave, but i love them more than i hate u… but if we are logical that should make me not hate u. Wheres ur logic anywayz? Who do YOU need?
Maybe i dont care, but i want to believe i want u to leave. Maybe i want u to suffer, cz thats what u want, dont yah? u keep asking for it, u keep making ppl stay away from u.
Maybe i care too much, maybe i shouldnt be complaining and i shouldnt even think about… well… hating u.
Maybe i need someone to support me, to tell me what im doings fine, that they want me to do it.
Maybe i need someone to tell me im wrong, i can make mistakes, cant i?
Maybe i just cant afford the island. Or maybe im jealous cz u will have one and i wont.


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