Cause I am Green

Aint asking you to change. I begged you

‘-What do i need?
-Well, you need shame, memory, glory, weakness, strength, altruism, pain, troubles, hope, light, sadness, nerve, faith, naivety, shyness, love, to change, logic, ideas, to believe, a mirror, better opinions, a point of view, a goal, a second chance, defense, regrets, mercy, patience, dissapointment, trickness, gentle, a score, to live, start over, to learn, tears, fears, time, poise, pills, chillness, hotness, to care, to fight, to apologize, to get back, hesitates, breath, vanities, virtues, feelings, magic, sense, rationality, sympathy, reality, time, curiosity, proudness, tactics, respect, peace, innocence, sweetness, fake friends, friends, real friends, imagination, creativity, new eyes, new taste, a new heart, a new soul.
Indeed, you are almost no one. Please get a Life.
-Dangit. Am I that bad?
-Yes you are, actually, I hate you.
-[…] u.u […] I guess theres nothing I can do about it’

Let me tell you…There was, and its not over yet.


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  1. * Rayén. says:

    holaaaa! me paso por acá nosé por qué ._. ya, cuidate adiosc:

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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