Cause I am Green


Theres just one piece of bread left; everyone is expecting for it. My mother, my father, my sis, my bro and the grannie are staring at it… they want it so badly.
The grannie starts: ‘Im an old woman, arent you ashamed while trying to take the -maybe- last bread away from my sight? I deserve it, Im tired, i need energy, you are all so alive; i dont eat that much cz bread messes up my stomach… You all may eat stuff like that whenever you want. Please give it to me!’
Her daughter said: ‘Mom, you havent done anything in the whole day! You are just sitting there! every day! every hour! every minute! every sec! You dont even spend the energy you get while breathing. You should be ashamed! im your daughter… you should take care of me, and sometimes sacrifice your self for me! Ive been cleaning the house and doing laundry the whole day; I deserve the bread’
Her lover wasnt that happy: ‘Cleaning the house, humph, bull shit. You woman go get a job and then say youve had a hard work today. Having a boss… every day seems awful, you just want to quit everything and be a hippy, but you cant, cz… you cant!. I work, I get the bread; I said’
My brother: ‘Im growing up! I need to eat more than you all do! I biologically NEED that bread!’
But my sis yelled: ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP! How could you just even think about fight for a piece of bread!? Couldnt you just share it?… Anyways I had a terrible day and I am tired, so the bread is all mine.’
And then I came in through the door: ‘I brought more bread!’.
At the end I ate the old piece of bread… but Im glad i got home in that moment… maybe a few seconds more and they 5 could have been down in the floor taking punches in their faces for a piece of bread…. Bread!

PD: Someone long ago told me this story was a theathre show or… whatever… couldnt remember. So not my idea.


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