Cause I am Green


Ill just tell you about someone’s story spoken; about how all of her bones are broken. Hammers fall over the pieces… two months in the cover creases.
The question was asked in order to save her life or take it
The answer no to avoid death; the answer yes would make it
All heads are bowed in silence… to remember her last sentence
She answered him knowing what would happen! Her last words are still hanging in the air
‘All my complaints shrink to nothing; Im ashamed of all my somethings’
Shes glad for one day of comfort… Only because she has suffered.
So, here she stands today… in her brilliant shiny way.
Stronger than her pain… in her brilliant shiny way.
Shes so fully alive! more than just ready to smile!
And she knows how to believe in future.
She said Yes to pull the trigger.

So I changed the colours of my eyes. ;D


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