Cause I am Green


I hope it wasnt like this,
like this since it started.
And I hope you dont regret
the fact of had got to know me

I hope there is no pain,
inside of your heart.
Because mine is falling apart
when im far away from you.

And I hope your life goes well;
that they dont ask you about that day.
And that you dont ask me
to get Away.

Btw, this is the first time ever, i write some kind of lyrics all by my self >,<


Underwater World

Now, thanks to Google, i know what Relative Humidity[Humedad relatva del aire] means, n that the 100% humidity is for example when theres dew. I know that, but did anyone know it before? huh?
Then my theory was completely logic the other day when i was talking to a friend about the awful humidity there was.
-It must be like 100% humidity right now! -she said.
-Hahaha -I said logicaly- It cant be 100% humidity!… It should be like 95% as max.
-Why cant a 100% humidity be right now?, I heard that sometimes theres like 100% humidity.
-And… obviously -I explained her convinced- Because 100% humidity should be 100% water. We should be swimming right now, shouldnt we? Humidity=Water.
-…But then, thinking of ur theory, with 95% humidity, shouldnt water be as high as our heads?.


(Not, worse, it should be ALMOST on stratosphere)


I saw this movie, called Adam… it wasnt one of the best, but it was a nice one. It reminded me of someone i know… knew. In a stupid way though; this guy, Adam, has asperger syndrome, he had a nice job…. but his parents had already died so he lived alone. A girl moved in the second floor of the build, and he got to meet her. Then he gets to be her bf(they actually got to sex, cz  in this case the syndrome wasnt that serious). Poor thing, he got fired and had to move far away, and she didnt want to go with him… end.(Failz)
Why it makes me think of her?
Cz she once told me that she made some ppl(her family i think?) believe that she was asperger’d o.o
Kinda nutz girl, she rockz though.
I couldnt remember when i met her… but it was via neopets a loong time ago xd.
She started asking me about my private life… she lived far away and i realized how nice she was so i dangerously told her… well, all.
She said she was kind of ‘addicted’ to me, in a weird way, actually; we didnt even  personally meet, but we talked a lot.  She knew everything of me… and my actual friends xD. I couldnt know much about her… when i asked serious stuff, like family and personals, she denied to answer me… and when she told me of her common days and friends, i couldnt understand… she was so weird talking x3
She was my ‘Personal Psycho’
We fought sometimes… she deleted me from msn… but added me back some time later.
I appreciated her a lot; i missed her when she didnt connect D:
She moved to the other side of the city… she got my phone number and started calling me each time she wanted me to go to msn >,< ; annoying.
She decided she wanted to meet me personally… i refused till it was winter… or atleast till it was colder than those times.
That day came…. we met… she was pretty, so lovely… ill skip that day x3
But she started to phone me too much(i told her each time she phoned me’DONT PHONE ME!’… i wont go to details), she got too annoying… i deleted her… and she didnt call me again.
Its been a long while, n its a definitive decision… but Adam made me think of her.
Shes supposed to be suiciding right now… ‘Gonna suicide this winter… i cant wait anymore!’ she said a lot of times.
But i know she isnt; because i know, you, Jose, u are shining n brilliant enough to not do sucha stupid thing :3

The Chinchilla Project

‘We intend to restore the fundamental necessities and environmental awareness of the species through the advocation of the most current understandings of who and what we truly are, coupled with how science, nature and technology hold the key…’
That just sounds so nice *-*
What a shame it is, and will always be a utopia u.u

Oh well, someone told me something i didnt know, and i felt so wrong… Things could have been different; better than now.
But then I thought of how i can do nothing about it and how ok i should feel becz of that… shouldnt i?

PD. that quote is really ‘The Zeitgeist Movement”s … but it rly sounds better as Chinchilla Project.