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Underwater World

Now, thanks to Google, i know what Relative Humidity[Humedad relatva del aire] means, n that the 100% humidity is for example when theres dew. I know that, but did anyone know it before? huh?
Then my theory was completely logic the other day when i was talking to a friend about the awful humidity there was.
-It must be like 100% humidity right now! -she said.
-Hahaha -I said logicaly- It cant be 100% humidity!… It should be like 95% as max.
-Why cant a 100% humidity be right now?, I heard that sometimes theres like 100% humidity.
-And… obviously -I explained her convinced- Because 100% humidity should be 100% water. We should be swimming right now, shouldnt we? Humidity=Water.
-…But then, thinking of ur theory, with 95% humidity, shouldnt water be as high as our heads?.


(Not, worse, it should be ALMOST on stratosphere)


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