Cause I am Green

Old fat women

Everytime im going up on escalators, I feel like if the old fat woman in front of me is not going to move on once we get to the top, and then all people start to accumulate there, and we all fall down, and some unlucky bitches die because their skin jams to the escalators, and well, all tragedy.
But when i think of it twice, once the old fat woman stops moving on, i save the situation yelling ‘Move on you whore!’ while knocking her shoulder. That way no one dies, and i save the day.
It could be an interesting moment.

PD. about my last post, that is a song… u know, i never have, and i wont ever write any kind of poetry nor stuff like that. A nice song btw; Brick By Brick – Boom Boom Kid


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    Jaqui ❤

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