Cause I am Green

Better to Prevent

Yesterday i woke up when there was already a bit of light in my room. I noticed, once i opened my eyes, that over my sheet(wich was white), there was a little bug.
It was a tiny thing, but i stood up suddenly and turned the lights on.
A little spider. The little and brown ones.
I think it tried to tell me something, so before it could open its mouth, i bursted it against the sheet(wich now i have to wash)

Spiders talking in dawn? Oh my…



‘Gonna go on, living like i never met you, and itll feel wrong at first, but i think i can forget you; ignore the fact that we slept no more than 3 feet apart; i feel you now you are all around me, underneath me… All around me! Underneath me!
Well, how was i to know that what we carved in stone would be so temporary?
Well, how was i to know that my first crack in love would not be the last?…’

Wont be the last.
Its in the air now… bitter tears and broken hearts. We are teenagers; we count the years; we think we are smart, but we are not, we dont know anything…
So dont ask me where ill go, cz frankly i dont know, and i dont give a shit.
Why must we all make sense? I just wont make sense.
For once, you should just live. Just live.

I know its common for us teenagers.
But you walk the line.
I know its kinda normal.
But, why do you all have to be so teenager? It just Despairs me.

Thanks forgiveness!

All existing money around the world, is someones debt plus taxes.
So, everything i have, worth in money, is someones debt.

So, lets say(theoretically) that;
For everything i own(lets say a pen), someone owes that pens worth in money to someone.
If ‘he’ lent money to ‘her’, and he didnt get his money back, he has the ‘right’ to be angered. Right?
So, for every pen i own, someone should be angry.

There are more things(such as pens) than people in the world.
So, the world is worse than we might have thought.

After all, its all theoretically.