Cause I am Green


‘Gonna go on, living like i never met you, and itll feel wrong at first, but i think i can forget you; ignore the fact that we slept no more than 3 feet apart; i feel you now you are all around me, underneath me… All around me! Underneath me!
Well, how was i to know that what we carved in stone would be so temporary?
Well, how was i to know that my first crack in love would not be the last?…’

Wont be the last.
Its in the air now… bitter tears and broken hearts. We are teenagers; we count the years; we think we are smart, but we are not, we dont know anything…
So dont ask me where ill go, cz frankly i dont know, and i dont give a shit.
Why must we all make sense? I just wont make sense.
For once, you should just live. Just live.

I know its common for us teenagers.
But you walk the line.
I know its kinda normal.
But, why do you all have to be so teenager? It just Despairs me.


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