Cause I am Green


I have this friend, well call her Jullillah(Andrea). Shes a brown-eyed girl with a beautiful smile.

A few weeks ago she told me she wanted to do something different and new.
I told her ‘Why dont you plant a flower? Everyone plants trees, but not flowers’
She said ‘I once will’. With a shining smile on her face.

So, a few days ago I went to her house. She wanted to show me something.
She planted it! She had a flower on a little pot.
-How did you name it? -I asked-
-Humm… Ill call it Green.
-Because of you. It was your idea -She said-
-Do you really think Im green? *-*
-No, but ‘You once will’-With a shining smile on her face-.

Its nice to think that someday Ill be green. I hope she doesnt bring green painting and throw it to me, though.