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Run Run went North(?)

Somewhere in oblivion before the dawn, in some kind of station, he had decided to roll on.
Run Run went North, I dont know when is he coming back.
He will come back for our loneliness’ bday…

Three days later with some pretty nice Capital Letters, he tells me that his journey is getting longer and longer, hes leaving Antofagasta with no sign, and tells about a story wich Ill start to spell…

Among a bunch of people that he had to face, a mishap because of the last huracans fault, in a broken bridge near to Vallenar, with a cross on his shoulders Run Run had to get across by. Run Run kept on his journey, he got to Tamarugal.

Sitting on a Rock he started to think; that ‘yes’ that ‘this’ and ‘the other’, that ‘never’ that ‘also’, that life is lie and that death is truth.

Empty as the earthly world’s hole.
Run Run sent his letter, just because ‘yes’.
Run Run went North, I stayed in south; in the middle a musicless, and lightless abyss.

Run Run went North, what are we gonna do?
Thats just the way life is.


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