Cause I am Green

Is it?

A ramp for handicapped people was built in a friends building.
Its something like a slide, but wider and with a railing.
They made is steep, so if a wheels chair has to go down by there, i think it will end on the sideway from the other side of the street.
And its ceramics!, You know thats slippery.
When kids get out from school near the place, you can see them all going to the little ramp for a daily quick sliding. ‘Weeeee!!!’ say everyone while they go down sliding in a surfer position.
I tried to do it on a rainy day, and i fell.
-I just fell in the slide out of your building…- i told to my friend wich i was going to see.
-Yeah… I fell too a few days ago.
-While doing what?
-I wanted to try the slide like the school kids, but i failed.
-Yep, i failed too…
-Did anyone see you?
-Luckily no, you?
-Yep, the doorwoman.
-And what did she tell you?
-That she fell too while trying to do the slide…

(May it be contagious?)


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