Cause I am Green

Someones regrets.

She pushed him away; she thought she hated him, she said some horrible things and made him cry(of course, what else can you expect from a guy like him?).
Hes been sad since that, she doesnt know that though… she has her doubts.

Its been a year or two. And just now she wonders if he still thinks of her as she does think of him. ‘Obviously he does!’
Oh gosh, she regrets it. Theres just 1 more month left for us to see each other every day, for the rest of the year, and probably the next year too.
She says she wont do anything about it though.
She wanted me to post this because she would feel better. I dont think she will. Im pretty sure she wont.
Shes weird.

At the end, we dont know if hes still… thinking…


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