Cause I am Green

Just be happy that you made it this far

Open your hands, reach out and hold on tight. With your luck this wont be over quick. It’s just the fear of letting go.
The stress gets harder now; the mood is let down.(Don’t hold your breath for too long)
Let’s play it for the last time; I don’t really want to get across that line.
I plan to take advantage of this, no matter what they say.(Just send them all to hell)

Back up the feelings that you claim now, cz I’ll be the one punishing any mistake.(You)



If i thought of someone’s happiness it would go like:
– Me.
– The ones i love.
– The rest.
How are they able to save someone they dont know with the risk of dying instead of staying safe… doing something else?
(I might sound cruel, but im being realistic)
Is there any Hero out there?
I think they are, but i couldnt name any right now. Its something like Faith(or Amnesia in my case)
How could they possibly be that altruistic?

…Or maybe I am just not human enough to be one of them?