Cause I am Green

The ballad of an Invisible Man

This is the story of a man who
after thirty years of loneliness
his sperm, intactly, dried
the pollen never appeared…

He walks alone, among the multitude
a curved back, a lightless look
as neglected as it uses to happen
a stripped sock, and the other one full gray.

He gets in the bar, and looks around
among the tables, no one noticed him
he takes his hat, he folds his jacket
and the air gets filled with the sad Aznavour’s melody.

‘Very good night. Again you?
What’s wrong with you man? I don’t see you’re ok!’
an ashtray, the same of yesterday
and the day before yesterday, and before the day before yesterday.

And that’s how another night begins
no! there are no memories, nothing to talk about.
He had no sons, no women to miss.
only the  abysmal gap of a life that leaves

Around 2 o’clock the miracle happened.
a lost soul gets to the meson:
– Excuse me sir, may I give you a flower?
– Are you talking to me?… Do you even see me?
– Between invisibles we can watch our selves…


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