Cause I am Green

If you are what you eat, I’ll be sweet.

Oh, well you can say that Im the one curly fry in the box of a regular messing with the flavor.
And you are saving me for last, but you better not eat me at all; Im living in a fastfood bag making friends with the ketchup and salt.
People say that Im a crazy for not moving on to better things, instead of sitting around trash talking with the onion rings… but I guess its much too soon to leave this easy life, so pass me the spoon and pass the analytical knife.

Well believe it or not I super-sized my sights on the surprise in a cereal box:
My stomachs smaller than my eyes so I went to see the doctor and he said “Turn your head and then cough”. I didnt listen a word he said, instead, I couldnt wait to get off.
He said I cant have this but I cant have that, I should keep wishing I was living the life of a cat but, huh, I aint the one whos gonna be missing the feast. (And just like you aint the one who seems to be calming the beast)

Now, you are about to get cut up or get cut down.
Its all about the wordplay or all about the sound of my tone in my voice.
You gotta let me make my choice alone before my food gets cold.
So you better shut up(or get shot down).
Now its all about the know-how, all just a matter of taste.
Stop telling me the way that i gotta play.

Theres just too much food in my plate.


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