Cause I am Green

You may leave them, but they’ll never leave you.

One day, i will leave. I might think ill never come back. Probably, because of the shitty country ill be pushing aside. Ill have no comments about it.
Ill be on touch with my closer friends and some of my family with short phone calls and chatting sessions. But those calls will start to decrease, and ill get new friends.
Ill be the happiest guy ever, ill get kinda rich, ill enjoy my job and ill worry about stupid stuff. And itll go like that for years. 2? 5? 10? maybe even 20 or 30.

Then, several things may happen. I might get nostalgic and ill miss everyone i left behind. If i feel like it, i might even write a book about it.
Or… someone could get sick. My mother could be dying?, or maybe one of my old friends?. No matter how, ill want to come back, ill need to come back.
So one day, i will come back.

A friend will receive me at the airport:
“Jeez man,  we re so old now. So many shit has happened. Do u remember that?. I missed you man.“. Ill hate those conversations, they are uncomfortable and nonsense. Ill smile though, guess i missed them too.
Ill visit all still living family:
“God… you are such a man now! Look at you… a grown up. We sure missed you.“. Ill hate these too, but ill be glad.

As natural, ill let the most important person for the end of the list. Who might it be?
I dont know, maybe the friend who supported me the most… or maybe the person i hated… Doesnt matter, he or she will be important.

We will look at each others eyes.
We will smile.
And just by then, ill realize what the fuck i did.


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