Cause I am Green

Theoretically, yes ain’t we lucky

Alex.- So, did you enjoy your 6 months in detox?
Jack.- Hell no, it was just my get out of jail card. But now that they’re far gone, I’m enjoying them.

[“Jack, you’ve gone way too far, this time I’ll have to put you in an uncomfortable situation, and I’m thinking jail should be it… But given the situation, we could make a deal…”]   ‘Edward Fareby, Judge of the case.’ (Of course, while Jack keeps owning those amounts of money, Fareby will always be the one to sentence him)

Alex.- But I know you didn’t quit that fast. When you got out, were you determined to stay clean?
Jack.- I was, and I could try to… See, I knew it was like having a loaded gun in my mouth , and I liked the taste of the metal. But when you realize you lost your job, your family, your friends, and you’re out of money, you got injuries all over your body because of the debts, and you can’t make up your mind about what happened yesterday… you just want to go back to that feeling of waking up knowing where the fuck you are. I wanted a lot of feelings back in my life.
Alex.- You mean you had to reach the bottom again to make a decision. That’s when the hard work starts?
Jack.- Well… no. Leaving these substances behind is not that hard, I mean, not hard at all. The hard stuff is to take the decision. As you said, I had to reach the bottom line in order to make the hard step.
Alex.- Thats profound. Yes, very wise thing you just said. Are you ok since then?
Jack.- Yeah, pretty much.
Alex.- How about money?
Jack.- While in detox my father passed out. I was the only heir, so I got all the money he wouldn’t give me before. All the money I needed so I didn’t have to… work for this guy.
Alex.- What kind of work was it?
Jack.- I’ll tell you about it if you promise to not ask anything else about it.
Alex.- Alright.
Jack.- I had to be a whore, basically. I mean, not his whore, he had amm… some pals.
Alex.- Have you been afraid of coming back to those dark days? Of missing black tar?
Jack.- No. Those days were long enough. And we people are always looking for something different, new, exciting. And now I’ve found it, I can see that the whole world is waiting for me to enjoy it, while being conscious about it. Now life’s more worthwhile, now I just smile.
Alex.- I see.


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