Cause I am Green

Time for humble pie.

We know it’s time to make a change here.
Time to take a chance, time to compromise, to occupy de lies.
And time is often on my side, so I’ll give it to you.

I said what would your mother think of all this?
How would your father react?
Oh dear, would they take back what they’ve done?

No way, he said take it.
He said make it, don’t break it with your own two hands.
See, that was my old man.
And he said if all, all is grounded you should go make a mountain out of it.

Go on and build your mountain and celebrate.
So you should go and make a mountain out of it.


I tried to prove a point, but the point proved me wrong.

They’re staring at you and you’re getting scared,
my eyes are focusing in something else.
They’re staring at me and I stare at you,
I rage against everything that you do.