Cause I am Green


… This is kinda the first time i write in this blog =S
Well, i made it cz of the vacations i got lots of free time and i decided this was what i wanted to waste my time in. Im not even good at writing, but itll keep me busy .-.. Oh and the one of the main idea was ~Natssu~, she helped me to decide id do this.
I dont really care if no one ever reads it… i just want it for me to write, but i know most of us will be bored most of the time so some people will take the time to read it xP
I should type in spanish so my friends could read it ó.ò but this is way funnier ❤
Hmmm…. I may use caps sometimes, but its just cz they rock xD no orthography! ÒoÓ

So, what will i write about?
No idea xD, anything that comes out, maybe something i saw, i think, i like… just anything id like to write about


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