Cause I am Green

Just a thought

How much of your reality do you think is made of whats in your mind?
If you see what’s in your mind clearly and understand the power that thoughts have, then you understand reality while everyone else is running around confused and angry and upset, because they think reality is something happening to them rather than something they are making every moment with every thought.

I would not like to be a psychic, but I’d like to have the sight Seers are meant to have. I would like it as my role. To talk to people and see the tunnels and vortices in their minds and to understand the realities they would create if those thoughts lead to action.
For the most of the people, I would be meant to bring about the inherent retribution flowing from the reality made by their own thoughts.
And for my friends, to protect them from their tendency to underestimate the power their confusion has over their fate. To keep them out of trouble.

What about luck?
I know that you would be on to something if you said luck isn’t involved with a coin flip.
Well yes, that could must be true, but even so, I do know that luck is a very real thing!
Fortune is the essence of light, and it shines on those who seem to own it.
But I know something more important than this. It is a big secret. Maybe the biggest and most important secret of all.

Luck doesn’t actually matter.